It's just bread and cheese, my friend

I'm an enigma, wrapped in a wonton, dipped in soy sauce. Does that make me a canibal for enjoying sushi?

FF │  Ao3

that one movie you ALWAYS watch if it’s on

Pie in the sky plot line /mage/concept - what would it be?

Yeah, I may be brainstorming, so hit me

and this is me next.  Yay champagne!

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me right now.  yay

need reads for crashing later tonight, or tabbing to pfaff off on the flight home tomorrow.  Any recs for great Steve x Darcy?  I’m a wee bit of a snob, and like a really solid plot.  Brownie points for original.  Anyone throw me a rec or three?


Writing about NYC while on a plane flying to NYC = perks of the job

So Gimme:

1. fave ship/otp

2. one thing you love about it

3. one thing you feel people get wrong (IMHO - no harm, no foul, just general observations)

4. one thing that hasn’t been done that you would love to see.

And go

my tumblr feed = my own disorganized storyboard.